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Data publikacji w serwisie: 30 września 2022 r.

Call for papers


Editors: Alena Kalechyts (Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra, Slovakia), Natalia Królikiewicz, Olga Makarowska, Anna Stryjakowska (Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Poland)


The next issue of the journal “Studia Rossica Posnaniensia” is devoted to the violation of norms in Russian language, literature and culture. The questioning of traditions and rules accepted in a given community arouses understandable fear and provokes resistance, but is often an indispensable factor of change and development. The problem of the violation of norms is also a constant object of artistic reflection. Since the dawn of time, the imagination of artists has eagerly turned towards unconventional individuals, those in conflict with their environment and in disagreement with the existing reality. The heroes confronted with a violation of the status-quo, provoked to take a stand and work out appropriate forms of action in the new situation, are equally fascinating. The multi-faceted dialogue with tradition and formal experiments, in turn, determine the vitality of the literary process and the evolution of art, while the changes in social mentality make it possible to go beyond the usual patterns of perception.

We invite you to engage in a scholarly discussion within the broad spectrum of contexts activated by the proposed category. Readings of the classics using new research tools, analyses of recent texts of Russian culture, comparative and interdisciplinary approaches may be a fertile field of study. Potential areas of discussion could include, for example:

– the outsider as a character in Russian literature and art,
– the problem of mental disorders in Russian literature and culture,
– queer themes in Russian literature and art,
– literature and art as a factor of social change,
– the latest Russian literature in relation to the literary tradition …


The theme of the special issue and its current relevance

The words of Jan Baudouin de Courtenay “there is no stillness in language” apply fully to culture and communication. To a certain extent, their dynamics are determined by deviation/violation of norms. Some of these deviations/violations are sporadic, others long-lasting, leading to changes in linguistic, cultural and communicative norms. Despite extensive inquiries, the issue of studying deviations/violations of linguistic, cultural and communicative norms remains not only an open one, but also one of the most topical issues in contemporary linguistics, especially in the light of discussions concerning the variability of the norm and the divergence of specialists’ opinions on the necessity of codifying language. This is evidenced by the growing number of scholarly works devoted to the issue.

The special issue of “Studia Rossica Posnaniensia” will be devoted to various aspects of deviation/violation of norms in language, culture and communication, examined from different perspectives. The main objective of the collection is an in-depth analysis of deviance/violation of linguistic, cultural and communicative norms in texts and discourses of the first half of the 21st century. Great importance is attached to the presentation of a variety of research methods, including experimental methods, approaches (comparative, interdisciplinary), new theories and research strategies (transdisciplinary, hybrid, etc.).

In proposing topics for consideration, the authors are left free to choose their approaches, methods and research material and to interpret the topic.

Potential topics and areas of discussion could include, for example, the following:

– violation of cultural, communicative and linguistic norms in texts/discourses of various types;
– language-game in texts/discourses of various types;
– norm variance in contemporary Russian;
– problems of translation of literary norm variance used as a literary device in literary texts;
– types, causes and specificity of errors in oral and written statements as well as techniques and methods of their prevention and correction in the process of teaching Russian as a foreign language.

Deadlines and editorial timetable:

Submission of abstracts: 15.12.2022.

Decision of the editors’ committee regarding abstracts: 28.02.2023.

Submission of complete articles: 30.09.2023.

Results of reviews: 15.12.2023.

Submission of revised articles: 15.03.2024.

Verification of articles in the context of reviewers’ comments; scientific editing, proofreading: 03.16 – 30.06.2024.

Submission of the issue to the Publisher: 07.2024.

Languages of submissions: English, Russian and Polish.

Abstracts (1000-1500 characters, in the language of the article) should be sent by email to the scientific editors of the volume by 15.12.2022:

natasza@amu.edu.pl – dr Natalia Królikiewicz (Literary Studies)

akalechyts@ukf.sk – dr Alena Kalechyts (Linguistics)

We kindly ask you to submit complete papers (25,000-40,000 characters with spaces including bibliography) through the OJS platform at https://pressto.amu.edu.pl/index.php/strp/login

Editorial guidelines can be found at:


More information about the journal is available on the journal’s website: http://srp.amu.edu.pl/en/about-the-journal/