The tasks of the Editorial Board

Editor-in-Chief is responsible for coordinating the work of the Editorial Board, she closely cooperates with Subject Editors in the process of selecting reviewers, invites new members of the Advisory Board, as well as Assistant Editors for individual issues of the journal (after having consulted it with Subject Editors). Together with Subject Editors, the Editor-in-Chief takes part in preliminary selection of papers, takes decisions concerning the final acceptance or rejection of the papers as well as planning the stages of the editorial process. Consequently, the Editor-in-Chief’s duties also involve ongoing cooperation with Adam Mickiewicz University Press, particularly within the scope of actions that increase the journal’s recognition and ranking in the academic community. She approves the volumes for print.

The Editorial Board perform tasks involving preparation of current issues of the journal, decide on the thematic scope of individual volumes, together with the Editor-in-Chief they monitor the quality of published papers by approving for review only those papers that meet the journal’s formal and thematic requirements. Subject Editors together with the Editor-in-Chief choose the reviewers, approve the reviews and decide on the appointment of a third expert in case the obligatory two reviews are contradictory.

The Secretary coordinates organizational and technical aspects of the journal, he supports the Editorial Board at all stages of the publishing process, particularly in terms of efficient communication and appropriate implementation of information technology.

The Statistical Editor in cooperation with the Publisher takes care of the journal indexing in recognized databases as well as secures the immediate open access to the published papers. He analyses the bibliometric indicators of the journal, aiming for their optimization.

The Advisory Board is responsible for promoting the journal in the academic community, taking and supporting actions directed at increasing the recognition and citability of papers, and encouraging potential authors to cooperate.